An Insatiable Appetite for Bla Bla Bla?

There are some clients who don’t want to think about promoting their practice, and who just want to write a check and have you take care of it.  It’s your job to write whatever works on the page, whatever posts and other “content” are needed, and to figure out what sells, and why.  And there are plenty of Web Marketing people who will take that check, and figure it out.  In my 13 years of doing this, I have been one of them.  As long as there are willing payers, there are willing workers.

But the result is staring us in the face:  an endless ocean of law firm “content” that conveys almost zero information.  Try this:  search on a legal problem, hit all the law firms that come up on p1, take notes, and see how much actual, useful, factual information you get.  It’s appalling – the sheer sameness of it.   If you redacted the firm names, no attorney could identify his or her own page.  The pile you just spent an hour reading was practically information-free.

This situation is not going to last.  The days of having “a writer” write up “some pages” for your site, in order to “make it rank,” have come to a close  (or will, very soon).  At the same time, there is an opportunity to stand out against this vast, bland background of generic pages.

You must know what makes you different, and you must listen for effective ways to make your point.  You must give people a reason to read on – you must earn each additional second of on-page time.  Thinking through that is hard work, but it’s essential.  It’s very old-school.

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