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In order for your website to be functional and effective, it must be easily found by potential clients searching the internet. Studies have shown that the earlier, or higher, your site appears in a search engine result list, the better the chance that a viewer with visit your site and read about your firm. To make your site visible, and to make it appear highly in search engine results, we offer comprehensive search engine optimization services.

Our experienced SEO strategists handle every aspect of optimizing your site for searches, including:

  • Keyword research and optimization: One of the most important on page optimization processes involves keyword research. Our SEO specialists will research your market area to look for keywords and terms that are being searched by your potential clients and that can be used to differentiate your firm. Your content writer will use these keywords in a natural way, creating relevant copy that will result in keyword hits in all major search engines.
  • Inbound linking: Adding a link to your website on other credible websites provides visibility in search engine results. Our staff will help you understand inbound linking, and will offer advice on where to place your links. Useful inbound linking opportunities include your State Bar Association’s website, your Chamber of Commerce’s website and other similar association websites.
  • Internal links: Linking within your site provides search engine visibility, especially when links include relevant keywords. Internal linking is addressed by your copywriter and your SEO specialist.
  • Metatags: While metatags are not generally visible by the average user or reader, they do offer some SEO optimization benefits. We know how to maximize these benefits, and will create metatags that are natural and useful for every page in your site.
  • Titles and descriptions: One of the most important on page elements, title tags actually tell a search engine what the page is actually about. Your SEO specialist and copywriter will work together to draft title tags that perform well and offer instant insight into every page.
  • Building social mentions: Another external opportunity to improve visibility of your website lies in the realm of social media. We offer advice on how you can use social media, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blog posts to garner social attention for your website.

SEO today is not the same as it was a year ago, or even six months ago. We maintain a current knowledge of search engine algorithms for each of the top search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo, allowing us to optimize your site to conform to the requirements and standards of each.

We Do All of the Heavy Lifting

SEO optimization can be a confusing concept, especially with the constantly changing nature of the search engine marketing realm. Our staff has the skill and knowledge needed to handle all of the SEO optimization on our end, allowing us to create a truly optimized site on your behalf, without you having to worry about how you will get your site to perform.

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