The Ability to Stay Focused

Internet Marketing is a world full of noise, propaganda, self-promotion and distraction.  If you are to make your living at getting your clients’ messages out, effectively and productively, you have to have the ability to zero in on the constraint, and focus.  If that doesn’t come to you naturally, you have to adopt or invent systems that will bring that focus to your work.

We are constantly evaluating workflow systems that will allow us to do more uniform work, with less ad-hoc analysis, and with greater focus on improvement over time.  Sometimes we find a tool that helps us for a while, but in the final analysis, you usually end up coding your own workflows. 

The world is dividing into those who use devices (think of that tablet you got for Christmas), and those who program them (using real keyboards).  And in order to make a profit at programming them, the ability to exert focused effort is critical.  Unfocused programming work is unprofitable.

It’s a constant battle.

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