We All Need Success Stories

Humans are story-telling and story-processing engines.  The best “content” is a story.

I recently downloaded a “Link Building” book by Eric Ward, thinking that there has to be something I am missing.   I found a nugget in the Foreward (before the Introduction, even).

“Ask yourself this question:  If I can’t think of [three] good reasons to link to my website, what makes me think other people would?”

This is a show-stopper question for most attorneys, and for most of us non-attorneys, frankly.  Let yourself be stopped by it for a week, while you search for an answer.

But then, Bill White came up with this answer:  “content” may go stale, but a story can last a long time.  So tell me a story about a case you handled, a problem you solved.  Not caselaw, but a story.  Brilliant and simple idea:  tell me a story.  With the interviewing that I do, I still didn’t seize this simple answer:  tell me a story.

Think on that.  Are you creating stories?

Read Pixar’s “22 Rules of Storytelling:”   http://aerogrammestudio.com/2013/03/07/pixars-22-rules-of-storytelling/

“Tell Me a Story” by Roger C. Schank

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