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In the ever-changing world of search engine algorithms, it is important to create a diversified SEO optimization plan that addresses the many standards and requirements of the major search engines. Doing so can be difficult without the proper skills and education.

Fortunately, our SEO strategists have such skills, and are experienced in creating and executing diversified SEO plans.

What is diversified SEO?

Put simply, a diversified SEO strategy will have many variations in keywords, and will include inbound links from many different types of websites operation from across the country and globe. A diversified strategy will also include social media aspects; having your website and firm mentioned in blogs, Tweets and Facebook posts can dramatically improve your visibility.

In short, a diversified SEO strategy will take every aspect of optimization into account, and explore various avenues for optimizing each of those aspects of your website.

Why diversify?

A diversified SEO plan is a great way to avoid putting all of your eggs in one search engine basket. SEO strategies that work well for Google searches may not function well for a Bing or Yahoo search. Our diversified strategies eliminate the worry that your site won’t function well in one search engine or another; we will make sure that your site is effective in all types of searches and on all search engines.

Learn More about Diversified SEO

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“In September 2012, I was just starting my law office. I realized I needed to “get my name out there,” and a solid, professional web-site would provide the ideal foundation. I was just starting, I was on my own, and I was on a very limited budget. I looked around and spoke with a number of different companies, but when I spoke with Craig, I knew I had found someone who really knew what he was doing, could appreciate my position as a sole-practitioner just starting out, and would work with me throughout the process. He understood the limitations my budget placed, but he was absolutely willing to do all that he could to work with me within those constraints. We agreed that this project was long-term, and that it would benefit from active involvement from both of us. Throughout the process of establishing, maintaining and promoting the site, Craig and his team have always been extremely professional and responsive. I am very proud of the website, and I have received terrific, complimentary feedback from colleagues and clients. I feel extremely comfortable trusting Craig with managing my site, and I look forward to continuing to work with him as my business grows. ”


“You have done a great job and are the only honest web guru I know.”