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Building a website is an important step in the web marketing process, but it is only the FIRST step in reaching your potential clients. Any company can build you a website, take your money and walk away. They can even help you gain a few new clients in the process.

We don’t believe our work is done after your site goes live. Instead, we maintain our involvement in your site, and continue to help your web presence grow and attract clients. By regularly updating your website, you continually offer new and relevant content for search engines to index, increasing your visibility in results lists. You also offer potential clients additional useful information, and give them insight into your dedication for your profession.

What do we do to manage your website?

After your site goes live, we maintain an active effort to ensure that the site keeps driving business to your firm. To do so, we engage in several key efforts, including:

Maintaining optimal performance: Like any marketing effort, your web presence must evolve and adapt as your firm grows, experiences staffing changes or shifts focus. We work to keep your site current in content and SEO practices.

Content management systems (CMS): Continually adding content to your website, either through additional pages, blog posts or social media mentions, adds visibility and usability for potential clients. By creating your site in WordPress, we offer full service content management services to help you routinely add relevant content to your website.

Web Development: Our developers are among the best in the business. Their knowledge of code and development strategies allows them to produce websites quickly and effectively, in turn allowing you to create your web presence in a minimal amount of time.

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“I had difficulty understanding how to present my law firm on line. I found Red Falcon and asked for Craig's help. In short time the site was up and running effectively at a reasonable cost. I would recommend Red Falcon to anyone who needs web presence advice especially if you are one of those people like me who has difficulty understanding the process.”


“In September 2012, I was just starting my law office. I realized I needed to “get my name out there,” but I was on a limited budget. I spoke with a number of different companies, but when I spoke with Craig, I knew I had found someone who really knew what he was doing. He understood the limitations my budget placed, but he was absolutely willing to do all that he could to work with me within those constraints.

"Throughout the process of establishing, maintaining and promoting the site, Craig and his team have always been extremely professional and responsive. I am very proud of the website, and I have received terrific, complimentary feedback from colleagues and clients. I feel extremely comfortable trusting Craig with managing my site, and I look forward to continuing to work with him as my business grows. ”


“You have done a great job and are the only honest web guru I know.”


“As always, thanks for all your team does. I've worked with a lot of development teams and you guys outshine them all... its not even close.”


“I appreciate your analytic attention to monitoring the AdWords numbers. I think it's a tremendous value...”